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Just a Hip hop enthusiast. I like sharing my opinion and hearing others'. I'm not your average "My music taste is better than yours" review blog. I don't know everything, but I have devoted my life to hip hop and feel like i can offer good insight for those hungry for dope emcees. I'll take EVERY request, whether I know them or not. and even if I'm not a fan, I promise to give every artist equal judgement. If you're an independent artist who wants me to give you feedback and promote your stuff, I'm also your guy! i have no ego, so if i miss up, tell me how ya feel and I'll try to improve on it. Please support. much love!


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January 11, 1994
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Key West
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Wu World Order
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Can we show some love for the real femcees!? More than just “Vaginas with a mic.” These ladies spit bars most dudes can’t handle! They are: Nitty Scott Mc, Dessa, Eternia, Jean Grae, Tiye Phoenix, Psalm One, and Rapsody. All of them a lyrical MONSTERS!

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